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lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008

Mi poesía en Inglés

El día de hoy quiero compartir algo que escribí hace un tiempo, y que ahora recuerdo. Es una poesía en inglés muy sencilla, mi primera composición artística en otro idioma. Espero les llegue.
Oh how painful can mathematics be!
When they describe the imposible of you and me...
For I´ve tried so long
To get rid of this fond
While the numbers say "don't"
I write you a song
There´s something great about our synergy
The scenario is built with every interaction
Trying so hard to contain our energy
Where nothing matters but each others passion
Your magical voice is like my dreams
Where nothing is really as it seems
Cuz your words do read as bad rhymes
But I hear symphony through your eyes
Don´t believe I´m not grateful for the times together
Though your prudency repeats this won´t be clever
But I know Someone who knows better
His time and ways that last forever
That´s why my hope prevails in between
What I believe, for sure is clean
So take your time and don't bother
I'll be here around the corner
I'll be here to listen
I'll be here to play
I'll be here to reason
And to seize your day
And if decisions take us away
And time won't give us the remedy
I won't regret the things I gave
For they rebound in holy eternity

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